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Our Culinary Philosophy

The Fresh Difference

“The FRESH DIFFERENCE with American Dining Creations . . . where simple and authentic culinary traditions blend seamlessly with engaging guest service, cutting-edge technology and a broader conception of health and wellbeing.”


Nothing can match the flavors of produce locally harvested at the peak of freshness and that is why we serve in season and locally sourced products throughout our cafés every day. Guests will see and taste the difference this commitment brings with every bite.

These programs will offer you:

Assemble our menu from scratch using the freshest ingredients of the highest quality.

Offer a menu which embraces vegan and vegetarian choices throughout our cafés.

Source and use in-season, local, organic, GMO and antibiotic free produce and meats throughout our daily menus.

Embrace the diverse culinary traditions of our global community.

Offer a broad array of healthy menu features across all points of service.

Provide unparalleled respect for individuals with food allergens and special dietary guidelines.

Engage in sustainable kitchen practices which reduce waste and conserve energy.