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K-12 Charter & Private School

Premium Dining Services

American Dining Creations presents a clear alternative to the cookie-cutter model so widely available in today’s market. From our quality ingredients to our portion sizes, everything within our operation is designed to EXCEED existing local, state and national standards.

Health & Nutrition

When it comes to the health and wellness of your students, meeting minimum requirements will never be enough. Our team of executive chefs and nutritionists custom design healthy school dining programs that exceed the nutritional needs of your students while still tasting great. Our unparalleled commitment to health and wellness is why our dining programs have been recognized by the US Surgeon General through the C. Everett Koop Award.

Safety & Sanitation

Safety is our top priority. Our corporate safety standards are designed to exceed the most stringent rules across each of the 35,000 separate public health jurisdictions we operate within. Our unprecedented commitment to safety and sanitation is why we have such a sterling reputation with all Boards of Health around the United States. We would be more than happy to provide additional information or copies of our local area health inspections at your request.

Flexible Operational Support

We are one of this country’s premier corporate and cultural dining services provider and we serve more than million customers each week. One of the most notable advantages of our extraordinary strength is the operational support that we can provide to each of our schools at a moment’s notice.

Issues with kitchen equipment or temporary staffing shortages are no problem for us. We have successfully staffed entire school dining programs in less than two weeks and we are large enough to handle any issues that might arise.

Competitive Cost Structure

Despite our obvious advantages with respect to quality, American Dining Creations maintains a competitive cost structure to ensure that schools, parents and students can appreciate the overall VALUE of the services we provide.

With American Dining Creations your school will never be just another number. We pledge to transform your dining services into a competitive advantage for your students and your entire school community.