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Higher Education

Our higher education dining team will bring an impressive array of innovative program ideas to your campus. We have assembled a team full of passionate and experienced professionals backed by the resources of the one of the largest privately owned hospitality provider in the nation. We are proud of our team and we carry with us an unrivaled commitment to customized service solutions to drive satisfaction on your campus.

Our Engaging Approach to Hospitality

Our team’s commitment to innovative programs is rivaled only by our enduring pledge to engaging and individualized hospitality services uniquely tailored to the needs of our guests and clients. Our commitment to hospitality means that we will treat your campus community not as customers but as honored guests making everyone on campus feel invited and welcome in their cafés.

Our Commitment to Culinary Excellence

At our core, we are proud to proclaim that we are culinary fanatics with an abiding focus on serving exceptional, on-trend cuisine paired with exemplary guest services. It is this commitment to culinary excellence that has driven our Fresh Difference culinary philosophy articulated on the prior page. These commitments lay at the foundation of our program and they will ensure that our cafés always remain alive with the sights, sounds, and tastes of truly exceptional cuisine.

Our Vision

Our focus on unrivaled service and culinary excellence will help to drive student satisfaction while our commitment to marry these individualized programs to the latest technology in the industry will give your dining and hospitality program a distinct look and feel.